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We're not just cleaning your house - we're caring for your home, so give yourself one less thing to worry about and one more thing to enjoy. With our cleaning company you will experience a house cleaning service level like that of four star hotels… professional, customized and consistent.

Whether you’re looking for a one day service or to establish a relationship with us, we can help. We offer weekly , bi-weekly cleaning services.

Your house will feel like the sanctuary it’s meant to be! And all of this is provided at a price no higher than your typical house cleaning service! There is no reason to look any further than Polished Cleaning Services…we love to clean and you will love the results!

Why people choose Us

These days, you can choose from a lot of different maid services. There are large national cleaning companies and local cleaning ladies. It all may seem confusing - our names are even similar. But that's where the similarity ends between Shaining Touch Maid and "all the other M's."

Many people who call Shaining Touch Maid have experienced other cleaning services. Maybe you have too. You might have tried the big ones or the small ones, or maybe you've experienced hiring and then firing a self-employed maid or two, or possibly all of the above. We hear so many stories from our clients about the time and energy wasted dealing with their past maid service or cleaning lady….wondering whether they were going to show up, or even answer the phone or, worst of all, whether they could be trusted with the keys to the house!